Meet The Owner

Meet The Owner


The Artistry Vault ™ was created in 2015 by Owner & CEO Whitney Alexandria

Uniquely designed to bring the Art of Beauty and Esthetics together seamlessly in efforts to boost wellness while enhancing natural beauty & confidence in every client. 

Whitney, takes great pride in providing and offering quality services while also traveling across the United States sharing her extensive knowledge & experience in her various training courses. 

As a licensed Esthetician, Laser Practitioner, PMU specialist, and Educator Whitney is partnered with Esthetics & Cosmetology schools. She provides in-depth, hands on training courses intended to focus on the core fundamentals, safety, contraindications and techniques to ensure each student has met necessary measures for completion. Whitney has had the tremendous pleasure of training over 1,500 students across the United States & Internationally, securing a partnership with Amazon, while also gracing the cover of multiple magazines and podcasts.

Now Whitney is in her 8th year of business and is working on something huge for students and aspiring beauty professionals. She has recently added brand New curated Online Training Courses & The NEW Artistry Vault Academy Student Chat.

At this time mentoring programs and apprenticeship opportunities are now also available for those who are ready to take their journey to the next level. 

Words From Whitney:

"Plant seeds and continue to water them everyday. You WILL reap the harvest of what you have planted.. it may not be today or tomorrow but your harvest will be plentiful."

"As women we often tend to do our best when we feel our best & look good too!  Whatever it is that makes YOU feel beautiful I want to be able to take part in helping you achieve that by providing you the best of the best. "

"Your success is directly proportional to the number of lives you have touched for the better"


With Love,

The Owner

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